LGM GROUP ENERGY & IRON – PRESS TECHNOLOGIES that was established with 25 years of experience in the sector, is being capable and powerful enough to provide all kinds of support for  machine supply and the development of complete ironing equipments for textile factories all over the world.

As a company, we are constantly investing in technology to produce the machines of the future. In our R&D department, we have been making researchs and development activities for the sector  as our main goal and by experiments, tests and patent design studies with high project values, we turn it to a commercial target.

As a global company that works with its customers on the principle of business partnership, our priority is to understand the demands of our customers and to provide the right service by determining their needs.

Within the scope of product development activities, our P&D department continues to produce high value-added technological products with our expert staff by providing and improving design change, installation, maintenance support, and product technical details.


As LGM GROUP, one of our primary goals is to produce the machines of the future by continuously investing in technology and to develop high value-added technological products. The most valuable thing for us is the pleasure of our customers.

Considering our 25 years of experience in Ironing – Press Machine Equipments that have been manufactured by following the international quality standards, hearing from our customers that we are a trend-setting company has made us content since the moment we had established. Our aim is to strengthen our position in the international market and to be among the respected corporations.

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• LGM GROUP is working on the development of successful projects. We have many other options for each of our machines. Upon their requests, our customers can choose how to accessorize their machines according to their needs.

• It is possible for our customers to choose or to request new forms suitable for their needs from more than 1000 pre-made patterns in the ironing department.

• LGM Group will be happy to give advices and assist you about the selection of the best ironing positions.

• LGM GROUP engineers will be at your disposal by checking over the steam, vacuum and blowing systems according to the customer request for ensuring the best performance of machines.
  • Production Quality
  • Job Security
  • Contentment
  • World’s Leading Brand

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