Industry 4.0 is a paradigm representing the fourth industrial revolution, which merges information technologies with industrial activities. As LGM GROUP, we play a pioneering role in the industry with our solutions related to ``Next-Generation Software`` and ``Hardware,`` which are among the key components of Industry 4.0.

Our understanding of Industry 4.0 hardware adopts an approach that is different from traditional hardware by being low-cost, compact, energy-efficient, low-heat-producing, and highly reliable. Thus, we not only offer technological superiority but also sustainability and economic efficiency to our customers. Our hardware is designed to optimize industrial processes and gain competitive advantage.

Our Next-Generation Software solutions are designed to support smart production systems, which form the foundation of Industry 4.0. Our operating systems provide energy savings through low resource and memory usage while offering solutions in productivity and flexibility.

This software and hardware integration enables the digitization and optimization of your production processes.

A common feature of our LGM 4.0 machines is their ability to connect to the network for the integrated operation of this hardware and software. This allows monitoring, analyzing, and managing data from every point in your facility from a central location. This provides our customers with the advantage of real-time information flow, quick decision-making, and more effective control over production processes.

As LGM GROUP, we continue to work towards providing our customers with a competitive advantage through the innovative technologies brought by Industry 4.0. As leaders in digital transformation in the industry, we support our customers in optimizing their business processes and preparing for the future.


• We collaborate on developing successful projects. We offer numerous options for each of our machines. Customers can choose how to customize their machines and what accessories to add according to their needs.

• Customers can select from over 1000 pre-made molds in our ironing department or request new forms tailored to their needs.

• LGM GROUP is delighted to assist you in selecting the best ironing methods and provide recommendations.

• Our engineers are at your service to personally inspect steam, suction, and compressed air systems to ensure your machines operate perfectly.

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